All changes are done using Word Track Changes. Please send your MS Word document as an e-mail attachment, using the contact button.


1. General proofread - For a project that just needs a final check for technical corrections


Services include examining your work for errors in format, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spacing. A general proofread is for writing that is fairly polished but needs a final check for simple technical errors.


2. Copy editing – Technical and grammatical changes to your project


Your writing will benefit from changes to unclear wording, awkward sentence construction or unnecessary repetition. All changes are highlighted for your review.  Standard editing includes examining your work for clarity, tone and consistency of style, which may include some minor rewriting and rearranging of sentences to produce a clean and refined copy. This level looks for all of the items a proofreader handles but also addresses sentence structure, outline, word choices, flow, tense and consistency.



3. Premium or developmental editing - Heavy editing to moderate re-writing


If you need a more active editorial role in rewriting and reworking your text, I offer this advanced editing option. I clean up sentence construction as needed and reorganize larger blocks of text where necessary or requested. I look at an overview of your manuscript, including clarifying and explaining ambiguous passages, ensuring that your project is cohesive and that it flows logically. This type of editing includes a copy edit and proofreading and is the most in-depth editing option available. All changes and suggestions are subject to your review.



4. Ghost writing – Do you have a great concept but just can’t figure out how to get it from your thoughts onto the page? With ghost writing, you provide the ideas; I’ll put the content together for you. I am happy to ghost write projects of any length, including blogs or articles for your website. Prices quoted on a per-project basis.


Additional Services:


1. Sample Edits - If you would like a sample of my work, I am happy to edit 700 to 1,000 words of your project, including a written critique of your strengths and areas of improvement, for $50.00. I then credit this expense to your final invoice.


2. Critiques – Do you still have questions about your project overall, either before or after you have had it edited? I will read and review your entire book, assessing strengths and areas where you can improve. I then provide you with a written evaluation and summary of your book. Prices vary depending on book length. Please contact me for further information.


I can also offer a separate check of Bible references to verify that they are correct. Pricing is available per project.


I follow the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) when editing books, making adjustments per the author’s request. This is the style guide used most frequently for fiction and non-fiction books alike.


For blogs and other articles to be published online or in journalistic applications, I use the Associated Press style guide.


I accept personal checks or payment through PayPal and request total payment in advance. However, I can work out a payment plan with you. All payment plans must be discussed and agreed upon in advance. Thank you.


3. Additional services as per request – I also write articles and blogs of varying lengths, which has been the bulk of my work since I began writing. I conduct all research as needed and specialize in the following topics: legal, Christian, domestic violence, education, addiction, alcohol and grief. I have written on numerous other subjects as well, so contact me with your specific needs.



1. I edit books by people from numerous denominations. My acceptance of a manuscript and subsequent editing does not assume agreement with the content in a book.


2. While my goal is to provide you with a manuscript that is as error-free as possible, I cannot guarantee that your book will be perfect. Every book, including those from the Top-5 publishing companies, has errors, and those books go through developmental edits, copy edits and the proofreading process with several sets of eyes looking over each detail. However, I will guarantee you a final manuscript that you can be proud to call your own.


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